We at Chateaux Serenity Assisted Living & Memory Care are always asked

“What should I be looking for when I’m trying to find a home for my mom?”

We have five tips for you to look for:

  1. The General Environment: Are you seeing an appealing environment?  Is it clean, with a welcoming look and feel?  Does the furniture look inviting, is it comfortable?  What is the decor?  Will your family member feel at home here?
  2. Then there is location — location — location.  Is the neighborhood quiet and well-kept?  Is the home close to services, with hospitals within about 15 minutes?  How close is the home to the police department?  The fire department?  Is the home in a subdivision with minimal lawn or does the home have a spacious patio and back yard for the enjoyment of the Residents?
  3. What services are being offered at the home? Does it have quality caregivers who will watch over your family member and give caring assistance?  What activities does the home offer?  Is there ample room for activities?  Does the home offer out-of-home community activities? Does the home offer ancillary services such as availability of a doctor, a podiatrist and other providers?  Does the home have a close relationship with a pharmacy?
  4. Do you feel comfortable that your communication with the manager or owner of the assisted living facility will be consistent and transparent? Are you confident that they will keep you in the loop regarding the ongoing care of your loved one?  Are the communication skills of the staff adequate?
  5. And lastly, what is the feeling you have after finishing your first interview at the home? Did the person you spoke with during the assisted living interview demonstrate genuine interest in your family member?  Do you feel confident they are familiar with managing seniors?  Do you trust that person?  Did you trust the caregivers you met?  What will your family member think of the staff?

With these tips, you can create a better interview and have more confidence you are making an educated and well-thought out decision regarding your family member.

Come see Chateaux Serenity Assisted Living and Memory Care.  From Our Hands To Your Heart.

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